Mahoustukai was an ancient mage from Japan, who in the universe of the original party was defeated. However, in the world they find themselves in, Mahoustukai was reawakened by unknown means.

After he awoke, he gathered followers of fellow mages and quickly took over Japan. At first, the paradox they generated was channeled into other objects and was almost as destructive as they themselves. But, after the whole world had seen their power for long enough, reality broke. The threads of reality came apart, and Mahoutsukai grabbed them and wove them into something more suitable for his purpose. No longer were mages confined by the restrictions of what sleepers could and could not believe. There was no longer “vulgar” magick. Magick was wielded freely, and those that could started to make their way to Japan to join the ranks of Mahoutsukai’s followers.

Soon, Mahoutsukai’s army grew enough in size to launch an attack on the rest of the world. With their unbound power, Mahoutsukai’s force of mages was able to quickly conquer the rest of the globe. With no one left to stand in his way, Mahoutsukai began the systematic extermination of unawakened humans.

The entire planet became a war zone, pitting “shindaisha” (sleepers) against “magus” (mages) in a war that devastated the globe. After the pitiful resistance that was mustered by the remaining governments of the world was put down, the only groups that still resisted Mahoutsukai’s reign were what was left of the Technocracy and ragtag groups of mages who did not share in Mahoutsukai’s vision of a world that was run by mages at the expense of the lives of all unawakened souls.

Chief among those leading the resistance against Mahoustukai is Hector, the leader of the ragtag chantry the party finds themselves affiliated with. He is wise and knows much of Mahoustukai.


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