The Sandmen are the foot soldiers of Mahoustukai’s magick army, and are named as such because they put people back to sleep. Most times, they are searching for the pockets of sleepers that managed to survive, putting them down with brute force. They are created by joining magick and machine. Each Sandman has a partially-awakened avatar – just enough to be able to harness the magicks flowing through his armor, but not enough to be able to wield magick on his own. All Sandman armor is equipped with claws at the end of each hand – a backup melee weapon in case the Sandman needs it.

They are looked down upon by the higher-ranking members of Mahoustukai’s army, many of whom are actual mages.

There are three types of Sandmen:

Alpha Sandmen The most basic and plentiful of the Sandmen. Their armor is green, and in addition to absorbing some damage, the different parts allow them to use different magicks:
  • The arm coverings allow them to control simple forces (fire, electricity), and make them formidable enemies.
  • The leg guards allow them simple manipulation of Time magick to speed themselves up during battle.
  • The helmets block attempts to access their minds.

Beta Sandmen The Beta Sandmen wear gold armor and are the ranking officers of Mahoustukai’s army. They command the Alphas, and their armor grants them the same abilities as the Alphas, although it is easier for the Betas to use the powers.

Omega Sandmen The Omega Sandmen are the fiercest and deadliest fighters in Mahoustukai’s army. Their armor is jet black, and allows them to wield their powers with ease. They are highly trained, and their armor gives them great advantages in battle. In addition to the standard claw, all Omega Sandmen carry a katana that they wield with deadly efficiency, using it to cut down all their foes.


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