Cleaning Up the Streets

The next game started with the party in the small chantry they ended in last time. They were informed by the chantry’s leader, Brian, that there was someone who might be able to help them get back to their own dimension – Hector, the leader of a larger chantry on the other side of the city. Brian sent one of his men, Angel Darkstone, with them to help them get to Hector’s chantry.

On the way there, the party encountered a mysterious building that should not have been there. Upon investigating, they found out that the building was a golem factory. Sandmen and scientists were there assembling piles of rubble from the streets of Manhattan into human shapes and then binding spirits to them.

The party realized that Mahoustukai couldn’t be allowed to have an army of golems on his side as well. They snuck into the factory, trying to get to the generator in the basement to blow it up, which would destroy the factory. Along the way, though, the party was discovered, and they had to fight through some golems to get to the generator, which was being guarded by an Alpha Sandman, who was in charge of the base.

The party killed the Alpha Sandman and actually used his body and armor to jam the gears of the generator to overload it.

After destroying the factory, the players made their way to Hector’s chantry, where they were welcomed in.



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