Welcome to the World of Mahoustukai

The First Game

The players started in the present, in the normal world. They were a cabal of mages who traveled from town to town, trying to stay below the radar of the Technocracy. One day, while walking around the streets of New York, The group decided to stop by a McDonald’s to get a bite to eat. While they were ordering, an unexplained dimensional rift opened up and sucked them into a world very different from their own.

On the other side, they faced a world in ruin. What was once New York was now but a pile of broken buildings and rubble-strewn streets. Corpses were left unattended on the sidewalks, and there was not a soul in sight.

That is, until, a small group of people in rags comes running up to them. They were dirty, malnourished and hurt. They plead for help from the “Sandmen” that are chasing them.

Before the group has a time to react, the Sandmen are upon them. They are a group of heavily-armed men with half-awakened avatars. Being that they are Alpha Sandmen, the lowest grade of Sandman, they wear green armor that covers their arms, legs and chest, with a special helmet over their heads. The armor harnesses their half-awakened avatars and allows them to use simple magicks.

“By the order of the Supreme Magus, Lord Mahoustukai, you are ordered to surrender yourselves and prepare for extermination,” the front Sandman said to the group. They fight the Sandmen, dodging the fireballs and lightning shot at them. They defeated the Sandmen, but now they were trapped in a strange world with no real sense of what is going on and no way to get home.

After they defeated the Sandmen, one of the people that the heroes rescued emerged from a hiding spot and talked to them. The man thanked them for saving the life of he and his friends, and offered them shelter in the small chantry that he was a member of.



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